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Here are directions to our office from the O’Hare and Midway airports. (Preferred is O’Hare). If you have any difficulty- please call me at (847) 995-8500 and we will try and help you out. We look forward to meeting with you.

Driving Direction
Starting From:
MDW Chicago, IL

Arriving At:
150 N. Martingale Road
Suite 850
Schaumburg, IL 60173

30.2 miles

(Approximate Travel Time)
42 mins

Reverse Driving Directions

Directions Miles
1 Start out going South on W AIRPORT DR by turning right. 0.3
2 Turn LEFT onto S CICERO AVE/IL-50. 5.9
3 Turn LEFT onto W FLOURNOY ST. 0.0
4 Turn SLIGHT LEFT to take the I-290 WEST ramp. 0.2
5 Merge onto EISENHOWER EXWY W/I-290 W. 11.2
6 EISENHOWER EXWY W/I-290 W becomes EISENHOWER EXWY W/I-290 W/US-20 W. 0.8
7 Stay straight to go onto EISENHOWER EXWY W/I-290 W. 5.0
8 Stay straight to go onto I-290 W. 3.5
9 I-290 W becomes I-290 W/IL-53 N. 2.1
10 Take the IL-72/HIGGINS RD exit, exit number 1B, towards GOLF RD(IL-58). 0.3
11 Keep LEFT at the fork in the ramp. 0.0
12 Turn LEFT onto HIGGINS RD/IL-72 W. 0.3
13 Turn LEFT onto N MARTINGALE RD. 0.6

There is a sign on the top of the 11-story building that says "AC Nielsen". There is parking in an outdoor structure. Proceed to the main lobby and take the elevator to the 8th floor. The receptionist will be right there to the side of the elevators.

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